Shared Hosting
Starting at:
$8.19 /month
All plans
  • DISK
    250GB SSD
  • DATA
    1TB Bandwidth
    120 Emails
  • TLD
    30 Domains
Dedicated Server
annually get (20% discount)
$82.00 /month
  • CPU
    4x 3.20Ghz 2 Cores
  • RAM
    16GB (up to 32GB)
    2 x 1TB SATA 3.5
    1Gbps - 20TB
Cloud VPS
Starting at:
$9.99 /month
All plans
  • CPU
    2 Cores
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
  • DISK
    20GB SSD Space
  • DATA
    1TB Bandwidth

Cloud Load Balancing

Load Balancer is a cloud service from Antler that distributes network load across cloud resources, providing website fault tolerance.

Load Balancing Load Balancing
High performance
The Network Load Balancer uses technologies that operate at layer 4 of the OSI network model. This allows you to process network packets with minimal delay.
Load Balancing
When the volume of incoming traffic changes dramatically, you do not need to reconfigure the balancers - they evenly distribute any volume of requests between resources.
Cloud Servers
You set rules for TCP or HTTP checks, and balancers control the status of cloud servers. Resources that do not pass the check are excluded from work.

Why Choose Antler?

You pay for the number of balancers and the amount of incoming traffic, while outgoing traffic is charged in the same way as other Antler Cloud services.

Support 24x7x365

More than 10 years of excellent work.

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Control Panel
Free WHM & cPanel

Get started using cPanel & WHM quickly and easily.

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Service Reliability

Cloud resources in several geographically zones.

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Our Datacenters are Located in 7 Regions

Host the same amount of cloud servers in each Availability Zone for service reliability.

Load Balancing
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